Missing teeth is an issue that affects our health as well as our social life. Aesthetically, it may cause insecurity. Dental implant is known as a popular treatment method applied when there is tooth loss. The treatment is applied by placing an artificial tooth in the jawbone. In this manner, the patient may continue his daily life in a more comfortable and healthy way. You can find more detailed information about the treatment process in our article!

What Is Dental Implant?

Dental implant is a treatment method that has become widespread with the development of modern medicine. The question of what is an implant is popular among patients. This treatment process can simply be described as small screws made of titanium placed inside the jawbone. The dental prosthesis is placed on these screws with great precision. Thanks to this, the tooth loss appearance is eliminated. Neighboring teeth are not damaged during the surgery of the dental implant. This is one of its most important advantages. Another advantage is that the treatment creates a very natural appearance. You can easily eat, talk and smile right after the treatment process.

Things To Consider Before Getting a Dental Implant

There are some important examinations that must be performed before beginning treatment. Implant screws have their own specific diameter length and width. Therefore, the area where the implant will be applied should be suitable for the height and width that will be compatible with the dimensions of the implant. Whether the patient has a suitable bone tissue or not plays a major role in the success rate of the implant treatment. In order to assess, the bone structure of the patient is examined before the treatment. It is not medically feasible to begin the treatment process without determining the level of bone tissue.

Situations Where Implant Treatment Is Not Applied

Before the implant is applied, some health conditions must be reviewed. There may be some inconvenient situations due to physical discomfort and obstacles in the clients who request the treatment. Before the implant is applied, patient’s health conditions must be carefully reviewed. There may be issues to medically consider due to physical conditions of the patient who is going to receive the treatment. We have listed the following situations for you below;
  • Heart problems,
  • Clotting issues,
  • Diabetes,
  • Lack of sufficient jawbone tissue
may cause conditions for the treatment to be successful.   In addition, this procedure may have to be carefully considered for patients who have recently received radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The attending dentist must have proper notes about the patient’s health history. As DentGroup, we carefully consider every detail and bring you aesthetic smiles with the most possibly accurate treatment. You can easily contact us by filling out our form and enjoy the most comfortable dental treatment!