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Things to Know About Dental Bleaching

Dental bleaching is an important treatment to consider for many people. It is seen as complementary to the aesthetic appearance and an individual’s self-image. At the same time, white teeth symbolizes healthy teeth. Due to some of our habits included in our daily life, staining and discoloring of the teeth may occur. It is possible to get rid of these stains and discoloration thanks to dental bleaching. As DentGroup, we have compiled the details you need to know about the treatment! 

What is Dental Bleaching?

Teeth do not stay the same throughout our lives. For some reason, they change color over time. That’s why people are looking for different ways to whiten teeth. So how is this possible? What is teeth whitening?

The purpose of dental bleaching is to provide both an aesthetic appearance and healthy looking teeth. This procedure must be applied only by dentists. The colored organic and inorganic substances on the surface of the teeth are removed by this process, thus achieving the desired whiteness.

Reasons of Tooth Discoloration

One of the most common complaints in society is known as discolored teeth. That’s why its causes and treatment solutions are often sought out. Teeth lose their color over time due to internal or external causes.

External color changes are related to the use of coffee, tea and cigarettes. Such chemicals, which act from the outside, cause problems such as darkening or discoloration in the tooth color after a while. Therefore, when it comes to external causes, the dental specialist should definitely prefer the techniques applied to the outer surface for treatment. Internal color change is quite different from external color change.

In brief, it can be explained as color changes that occur in the tissues inside the tooth due to tissue destruction or loss of function. Fever, drug use, traumas and infections experienced during the growth or development of the tooth actually bear great significance.

Such events bring about internal discoloration. When it comes to problems caused by internal color changes, the patient should be treated with much more professional techniques. Otherwise, the patient will not respond positively to other treatment methods.

Things to Consider Following Teeth Whitening

Before and after dental bleaching, there are a few points that one should consider. Continuing your daily routines immediately afterward may shorten the life span of the treatment. You need to take a break from consuming food that may cause coloring for 1-2 days, which would be specified by your dentist. It is recommended to stay away from caffeinated and acidic beverages, especially tea, coffee, wine, cola etc.

Since these contain caffeine and acid, they should not be consumed after dental bleaching. As DentGroup, your comfort is our happiness! You are entrusted to dental experts here at DentGroup throughout the entire treatment process of your dental bleaching. We are always ready to help with all your questions and inquiries before and after the treatment.