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01 Tell Us Your Dental Problems

Click the Get Info button below and describe fill the contact form below and describe the problems you are having with your teeth. Remember to include photos and dental x-rays.

02 Treatment Plan and Proposal

Once we have your information, we shall get back return to you in 24 hours. DentGroup doctors will assess your case and a customised treatment plan will be prepared.

03 Treatment in Turkey

After your the trip date is settled, we'll make your hotel reservation. Airport and hotel transfers will be scheduled before your arrival. When you arrive, your treatment will be done as planned.

04 Treatment Finalization

Before you leave, your check-ups will be performed and we will ensure that your dental needs are taken care of.

05 Routine Follow-ups

Make sure to keep a proper good oral hygiene and get your routine have routine dental cleaning done once in every 6 months.




Evgeniya K.

"I needed a comprehensive full mouth treatment with implants and found DentGroup online during my research. I visited them twice to get a full smile makeover with Zirconium Crowns on top of implants with wonderful results. I couldn't feel luckier to have encountered them. Thank you for everything."

Martijn J.

"I have been researching e-max veneers online and I found DentGroup. They had a native Dutch speaker who helped me throughout my whole travel and treatment process. It was a very pleasant surprise to discover DentGroup. Thank you very much."

Carmela S.

"I am Italian but I live in London. I came all the way from the UK to Antalya and I couldn't be more happier to choose them. The work that they have done is fantastic, I have a big smile and lovely aligned teeth. I've got a lovely tan on top of my beautiful teeth. Thanks a lot, guys."

Leonor R.

"I have visited DentGroup for a complete smile makeover. The whole process went amazing from start to finish, and I'm amazed how they took care of me during my short stay."

Joao Antunes

"I visited DentGroup to get my dental crowns. I'm really happy with the outcome. They have been very professional and perfectly delivered what I wished for."

Carlota M.

"I visited Turkey from the UK, England. My mouth was in very bad shape before. It's been a great experience to finally get my Hollywood Smile. I advise you guys to come to Turkey without hesitation. Thank you for making my dream smile come true."