Gingivitis is one of the most common dental ailments in society. Gingivitis occurs due to the lack of attention to oral and dental care, malnutrition and some other underlying diseases. Unless treated, it may lead to more serious problems. As DentGroup, we have compiled the details you need to know about this condition!

What Causes Gingival Disease?

The most prominent cause of gingivitis is inadequate oral hygiene. When oral hygiene is not properly maintained, plaque forms on the teeth first, and unless the plaques are cleaned from the teeth, these plaques turn into dental calculus. This, then leads to gingivitis. When gingivitis occurs, treating the condition in early stages is very important. In cases where there is deep neglect and postponing of treatment, the patient may develop a condition severe as to cause tooth loss. Without professional intervention, there may also be jawbone loss.

Common Symptoms of Gingivitis

Gingivitis may go unnoticed by many people if it hasn’t progressed too far. Because of this, gingival disease may be present even if there are no symptoms. As the severity of the disease increases, it manifests itself with a few symptoms. The symptoms are listed below as follows;  
  • Excessive sensitivity, redness and swelling observed in the gums
  • Inflammations occurring in white color,
  • Bleeding in the teeth that occurs during tooth brushing,
  • Shaking of the teeth as a result of looseness in the teeth,
  • Visibly receding gums,
  • Pain experienced during speaking and chewing,
  • Hypersensitivity to hot or cold food and beverages,
  • Bad breath,
  • Changes in hormones,
  • Age and stress
  These are the most commonly observed symptoms. Smoking and tobacco use, diabetes and the use of certain drugs may cause this condition. In addition, broken fillings, structural defects in the teeth, as well as genetic factors may also pose as effective in this condition. As DentGroup, patient comfort and satisfaction are among our top priorities during your treatments and we provide dental health care for you with well-equipped specialists. By browsing our site further, you can have more detailed information about us, get in touch with us swiftly, and entrust your dental health to us in complete confidence!